by Vaervaf

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released 30 March 2014



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Track Name: people like you
you try and fuckin
lie to them
you try and lie to them and tell them
it's not so bad
it'll get better
it's not gonna get better for him it's not gonna get better for me

you people?
you people gammon when I say you people I mean you people as in
people who haven't had to struggle with much hardships in life
you people have to so. fuckin easy.
that i would not mind
i would not mind
crushing the fucking, windpipe
out of someone's body with my fuckin boots
if they were someone like you
but you especially
i couldn't
couldn't do that to you
because I know you're a good person
and I know you understand
and I know when I talk you listen to me

but the majority of people like you
i couldn't do shit to
Track Name: Gammon Favreau Master Post
leave the clip in the sample
cuz i was the one that did this first
all the shit net music
bout to make a vessel burst

in the heyday of ytp
and jeri added me
back when i was chopping shit in imovie hd

all you want is isolation and repetition
and since track one of VGF that has been my mission
fourteen albums later and i've mostly been ignored
cuz i mumble in a rock band mic over two or four chords

so what does it mean
and what do I record it for
and how do i cope
when I never know just what's in store
stuck like this
living halfway in a game
i'm sure i'll always be the same

cuz i'm a fiend and i love every moment of
hating everything that I see
motioning for a promised life
when all I can do is
dream, dream
Track Name: nightmares
decipher all emotions till i'm tilling on the keep
feeling with devotions that can do until I sleep
trading all my thoughts and living too unsolemnly
I came here to sew, when almost enemy

training for, knew you would
nostrum, nordstroms
most due
so were you
all terrain
all terrain

permission to weigh
down with sorcery
turn myself for this punish in the bay
improvising this
killin all of this
gathering the sticks
gathering the sticks

change my life
nice and tight
I can grab myself after rise
hide along
to a show
in the summer
in the summer
Track Name: teth
so long I shimmy in this thing willed to revive
I'm allowed to stay here and I have no source of life
to the malls and girls down here
i'll force around
i'll turn myself in and
never go to ground

i need a servant tonight
that feels there
i'm so assured when i'm
i'm so ashamed
i'll change

for the mouse who tells me
for a chain to start
i wanna be the graced one
and I'll never say that it's right
i'm no sane and
for runs and ways
don't care what is fucking anyway

i'm not a starlet i am
in my service here
my face is open now
till the town is seared


we're not to your world
don't even say we're right
i'm a towering failure and I know just what is right

while I was saying a joke
like i can't listen anymore
like I can't turn up deserved
when I'm falling to design

cuz you're running out of teens
it's solid for trails, yeah
and I know it's all a scheme yeah, yeah, yeah

limits so your love will show
and I will show my lie
whose chinese angel's doll is stealing from his mind

feelings limp and also change
distract them to fade
i am the surgery
I'm curds and whey

for the zoo
hunger city
when I'm down and light comes out
I don't give a fucking shit
i'm obsessed

rainmen by the roads I
hear his larynx node
one BD with fifteen and solo

with non-friends and
making non-music
and it's aiming for
fucking masses of

pouting and showing how I
upset the shades
what I am falling into
this is lame


i've been surfacing
into all-stain
and you won't disopen your fucking mouth again.

so laymen shame me, HELLO
here I go unflayed
i'm unsullied and i'm
unfucking laid

this has gone on way too long
and I'm falling off the track
cant rip a notice
and I post it to your back

all in the sun and hay
i'm un-sane
injured, claimed
as a casualty, other

i'm a severed hand
a songing wrench
and i'm always
pulling it into this
Track Name: Yuang
...cuz I don't flesh up,
stealth in riddle
no combined
due sets
canoe instilled in
trapped into pieces
on the realm

girl started, hey
i'm a lotus bomb wintrade
till morn
here rom started me
when your tortoise way's
in mine
to know

i control this
every moment
stealth seville
turn to stupid
become looped in time
till it's gone

bleeding starts
and it want a chance
to notice
before it's gone
all the stupid things
drawn in heartbeat strings
it's only original

she'll swallow spines
in solid place
her washed sting
sinned away

you won't find
your stupid face
tuned start
one god
Track Name: supple Looking
i have waited for
so many years to drop this bomb
i have created
the ultimate woman in my shop
when i have mentioned I have sold
where I am going no one knows
and here I got with no respect
nothing left

(so toned)
son without a head at all
(so tall)
had without my intellect

i had to fill my
i am the "trailing off right now"
i hanker for serious
but I have no one but us

yes i am
the seams are
they're breaking
and I, sold
neck without my head to land


isn't it clever
showed up the nubian and straw
drinkin it up, oh
covered in bottles and i'm starved
when i am with and all is torched
I have fallen into moats
and here I go with nothing left
No Cess
Track Name: XCommikado

cut, can't serve
any problems
here'll stay
into nile saw
I'm veins, hey
I'm a storm hey, hey
nile starved

estar alive
forced to be
plowed aside
in adultery

fall asleep
don't terrace me
i'll pray for me
and i'll pay for me
because of

stoned star
i wanna die
release harm
it pleasurable

still star
i'm on the lam
it's still me
it's still

tie and stay
i would kill myself
forth wall
the next stall
tell meee
i'm a meal star
i'm a meal starved
i'm a meal

fall, star
i am
ill, stunned
the rust bout

even if fails amount
ima star
i meld