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put me in your sig video:

album art by the fantastic oculo


released October 16, 2013



all rights reserved


Vaervaf Kansas City, Missouri

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Track Name: Put Me In Your Sig
never could read time
specced up on this Brine
open up program nine
stalled again with this eighteen times
i told you time and time again
im not stepping back im not holding friends
im gone

it's all really when the comiket
and you step outside
you see the sky
and you wonder why

im real proud of you
i mean it

slime flayed
aligned fate
a useless invention

Seven to Breeder
in the back of the theater
stone cold on decisive shit
might as well, with all the beer
can't swell anymore
the sun is right
a single door
im glad i got to this

glad i got to this level
all my signs shriek
two steps forward eight steps back
eight fucking minutes
nothing left for it yet, a fleece
the Colon Tess and the Rice i try
needs to go
dont feel alright
collect cardboard by the soundboard that's right

it's livin the light side endlessly
too many feelings to shut up why
it's suffering
inner sit-in truth
we make a scene out up of something
about you
better go to naptime

real bleeders from AntiCedars
the guns walk, they shoot meters
only know why
in the absence you'll find
all my progress undone
because i am the one
the truth
Track Name: innapprot
i make these kids delete
their blog
and theyre sittin on mispellin dog
im a soul trader
but i dont give nothin back
im a juke master
neet eater
kill feeder
im so many to hold

i feel the cut on the
boot straps, we're all fucked up
anyone knows that we do so much
"i'm a good kid" haha
i dropped that bullshit a while ago
i'm out for revenge and I know not a thing
drop it, drop it
don't tell me this shit anymore

im a soul trader arrived but not give anything back
dropped the pretense and now i'm fat
told enough, I'm a soul to dub
i'm in love
who is this kid?

i'm a knave
who in this sea
and what they bring
I am nothing cept a reichstup
and won't it be
i'm pleading please
I'm only into what's my aesthetic
Track Name: BUNK
it’s beautiful it comes this way
and the boat’s in pier
and everything has a path and it’s going nowhere
and there’s a stow
and everyone knows it’s so real
at any time and every seal
whenever someone pass so free
when you breathe and when you break
here’s up
if you want to make it through
if you want to turn it around like this
and you want to feel my solid soul
when you want to build my head
the devil’s share everyone’s nice to know
turn to stares everyone’s got to go
hold your hair remove the stubborness
cuz I only used to die as well
skull tuned
swallow your fear
amount to nothing
the family’s stolen our emotion
no wonder we got this far

don’t look back when you feel
the erosion of the shield
don’t limp, peel ahead
you just might end up dead cuz it’s the
bow-tied, everybody wash-eyed in this fuckin hillside everybody
turn around and get this done pie every second goes by
all this, i write mine
i write mine

cuz there’s a mo-town, cliffs to climb
and there’s a species in my head
i’m gonna miss you, turn on heel
i wanna be here forever, but i’m disowned

i salivate and drool into this fate

don’t exhale into my face the rules state
i’ve been so misused down to the bone
and so that obviously makes you all my breed into the silence
anymore, wrists out, you’ll see more
i’m a shell child when i want, go into a revolution
in this shaman’s shoe, another broken
bone to pick for the serfs
i likes it
and the knife one-two
and all the ghost slap
I want enough
without a dose you won’t even feed yourself
i’ll admit there’s all this support
Track Name: Sample Lum
without a month to shove my ass outside
i have no rules and only policy
i want to go full on chase
there's nothing left you can for me
i want to face my tomb made out of brine
the border of the cancer that's inside
maybe you'll come to see
we're all living with someone
plug it in
i want to serve
an episode I wanted
it's sillier than most that I
become my own
i'm flipping out
i'm flipping the boat

i still don't know
the colors in the roster
i bitch out because I am nice partner
and if so
what does it mean
it means, it means, it means, it means...

i have
too many numbers
disavow god
i have no conundrum
the bars that keep me in
because youre riding on my shins with a double saw

and now I turn myself afoot a sty
a modicum because i emit lies
into no espionage
I pull the curtains and I right what's done

edible lease
without the things that i can see
and all the people i knew
without the gauze seem all new
it tortures me
when I think about it
i put the bag over heads without never

i'm just a dust to stick for this
a mighty hand, i have every fist
a knife for tearing me has missed
i'm putting you on the

the list, god damn it
here I am right again
without a
moment's notice i'll
turn out a threat
and maybe there's a noose
I can loop my neck through
I just want a chance to give out autographs
when i'm at a show and i'm with you
i'll mope, and my regrets are far
but I guess
I guess it's worth it
to see the looks on their faces with our

broken bones
I got fish, i'm alone
i got no god clone
get up for the rice on the road
i don't morph into you
i can't see my MO, shit
it's so fun, it's atrophy

i say one thing
and i don't mean another
i spoke on the open ears of my brother
who wasn't born
and I saw my own
all marauders
Track Name: WE;; UYPI,MAGED
too many backed up pitbull dreams of suicide
ooh makes me feel alive
summoned emotions disappear
I just want to be right to steer
and this, my regime

I'm attainable superbowl screens
I don't have anything but my dreams
im burning my mind into steel
feeling this rolling and doing
everyone, everyone knew
as I just started to notice
on the bright side, I'm a living stone

whuddya got to live for
might as well kneel on the nil ass floor
i'm a lyricose badguy
no fine
in the soils, man
i'm grasping my genitals from side to side
i have no life
i have no fiveskin and strife
never had no hardship just a keyboard
stuck up my asshole this martian

what's your name
how do you peer it out into this all too many day
how do you live
without a blow-up doll shoved in every pocket

I got nothing from Grylls
these only choking pills
was never made for this cuz
eatin up ronis until
it's 2AM and I got this rice and--
it's fillin my head up it's a golden horizon
verizon waterfall has innocence in its well
I wanna guuhheghhh
Track Name: HEEDLESS
fuck it, time is sick
broken thigh on the lick
i was spoiled
so good but now we're took
sun dried
in comparison there is nothing to
we're down and away
for whom is soft to lay
you want it just the same
the same thing every day
cause I never had no strength at all
but i'm broke and beautiful
things god has witnessed, solemn
no alias

broke my bones and now i'm back
the beef fed kid on a aimless track
i hear things bad so i cop a frown
get all my violence make me swat em down
no matter, shoulda been depressed
i can't go down, not in distress
up here missed out, my home in shears
i got it under control, it's good
in the garden... not really
i'll just laze here... with my cherry
i will tell you, but you'll dread me
i can't stop this, i'm an asshole
i feel

sure i'm half-off
i'm sure lil baby
i'm rawwin up and brunt fuck and real
it's loopy
it's great i'm feeling good